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Price : Free Kenora joelyknives
06-03-19 520 Hits

Listed by: Owner

Sale Type: For Sale

Caliber: .22lr/6.5x55/7x57/.303br/30wcf/.375h&h

Action: Bolt

Class: Non-Restricted

7 rifles. Husqvarna 7x57 fullstock.. CZ550 .375h&h etc.. starting at $350 shipped

-Originally was .30-06 but I thought this full stock belonged on a 7x57
-factory tapped for bases(weaver included) and peep(fillers included, amateur fit recoil pad (wasn't me-but better for actual use)
-for all the collectors out there.. Sorry, no factory butt-plate. If this was mint, virtually unused I would be asking more.
-no cracks, Walnut shows nice figure, some case wear on edges and thinned bluing on top of barrel, hunting marks in wood, ramped front w/folding rear sight.
-factory bent bolt handle clears low mounted scope, bore is very good while while outer finish of bolt and sides of shroud show tarnish.
-light and handy, if you are a collector you should buy this and leave all your others sitting in the safe...

2- REDUCED - HUSKY m38b/fajen stock 6.5x55 $350 shipped
Husqvarna Vapenfabriks M38b 6.5x55 , 100% function, the "b" is the wooden bullet trainer version with threaded muzzle, I am including a flash hider, the only mods are weaver bases and factory Fajen walnut sporter stock which work together perfect with small scope and high rings, all matching serial #'s. Super reliable in the perfect cartridge.
$495 shipped NOW $350

3- REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE 3-RIFLE PKG OF HUSKY'S Pair of Husqvarna model 35 .30wcf w/ bonus model 155 .22lr
-very cool single shot bolt rifles all with octagon barrels. One .30wcf is missing swivels and has a homemade extractor and a small chip behind tang, the other has swivels and original extractor, and requires reloaded cartridges with the shoulder set out a bit to match slightly long headspace, fine crack behind tang. The .22(BONUS) is octagon, missing extractor, sights, and front swivel but I am throwing it in as it is part of the family.
$695 shipped REDUCED TO $550 SHIPPED

4-This is a BSA factory sporter version of the pattern 1914 (similar to the Remington model 30). The deluxe had a straight leg bolt handle and nicer stock with Schnabel compared to the standard with the original military dogleg. Sporter barrel, Bsa sporter sights, factory tapped for bases(weaver included) and peep sight w/fillers, ancient stable hair crack behind tang. Basically a heavy duty British Mauser action .303 I think this will last another 100 years easy. This does work with low rings as well.
$495 shipped REDUCED TO $375 SHIPPED

5-REDUCED FOR QUICK SALECZ550 Magnum, American Safari Magnum .375 Holland & Holland
-Excellent condition with miniscule safe marks, .75moa shooter-very accurate, puts a big smile on your face when you shoot it, it actually is a big push instead of a sharp smack, single set trigger and a full five rounds in the magazine, banded front ramp sight, fixed 100y with folding 200y and 300y leaf rear sights, more fun than a lever action to work, Remington700/Sako85/Winchester70/Savage whatever do not beat this for strength, reliability or capacity.
$1600 shipped REDUCED TO $1350 SHIPPED

Please let me know your e-mail for pictures and let me know which firearm you are interested in. Thanks again.

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